EarthLite Deluxe Massage Table Warmer


The EarthLite Deluxe Massage Table Warmer is a full sized fleece pad and warmer in one! Digital controls include a timer that automatically shuts off after 99 minutes.

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Product Description

How to troubleshoot if you think the warmer is not getting warm.The warmer may appear to be not working if it is lying on the massage table without any covering. The heat from the warmer is activated when covered by a blanket or sheet, or a body when getting a massage. The best way to test it is to turn on the warmer, and lay down on top of it. Within a couple of minutes, you should feel the warmth. If you do not feel the warmth, please contact our customer service department for further instruction.

Before Cleaning
Turn the power control to the OFF position
Remove outlet plug from the power wall socket.

Spot Cleaning

Spot clean soiled area with a sponge and luke warm water.
Mild detergent can be used.
Follow the above cleaning method with sponging with clean water.
Remove any excess water by compressing the wet area between absorbent towels.


Do not clean your electric table warmer in the washing machine.
Do not dry clean your electric table warmer.
Do not dry your electric table warmer in a clothes dryer.


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